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Lava Tree State Park in Hawaii's Big Island
Lava Tree State Park

Lava Tree State Park

Three minutes East of Pahoa, this park was formed 200 years ago. The lava flow left a thick coating around ohia trees. As they died lava tubes were created. Huge albizia trees make a canopy over ginger, haleconias & other exotic local flora. Lava Tree State Park web site

Champagne Ponds

Formations in shallow water forming pools that resemble champagne bubbles, thus the name. These pools contain a wide variety of tropical fish and coral and is home to a family of sea turtles that swim around with the visitors. An incredible snorkeling spot!

Champagne Ponds on the big island of Hawaii
Champagne Ponds

Ahalanui Warm Pond on the Big Island of Hawaii
Ahalanui Warm Pond View

Ahalanui Warm Water Pond

Five minutes further down the red road is Ahalanui, fresh water springs heated from steam on the lava far below the surface bringing this ocean-fed pond to a temperature of up to 90 degrees Farenheight. There is a lifeguard on duty weekdays, bring a float and your snorkel gear! Ahalanui Park web site

MacKenzie State Park

A view to the ocean from steep cliffs, this is a great place to take a few moments to meditate and enjoy the hypnotizing view of the coastline or enjoy a picnic. Tall Ironwood trees surround the park make dramatic scenery. There are ancient trails (Kings Trail) planted by Queen Emma when she visited. At the right time of year you can spot whales, dolphins and sea-turtles. MacKenzie State Park web site

MacKenzie State Park in Hawaii
MacKenzie State Park

Bottomeless Green Lake in a volcanic crater, Big Island of Hawaii
Bottomless Green Lake



Probably one of the most spectacular places on the planet, peaceful and inspiring. Urban legend is that Jacques Cousteau tried to find the bottom - and couldn't!


Isaac Hale Beach Park is a good scuba diving site and turtle watching spot and only a fifteen minute drive from The Castle.

Isaac Hale Beach Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, for tropical vacations in Paradise
Isaac Hale Beach Park
Kapoho tide pools - snorkel in Hawaii on vacation
Kapoho Tide Pools


This unusually large collection of tide pools and spring fed pools stretches almost a mile down the coast and extend up to 200 yards out into the ocean. Kapoho Tide Pools web site


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